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Dive into the distinctive soundscape of A Day in Venice, led by the songwriter and producer Andrej Kralj, who meticulously creates his music in his SoundSail home studio nestled in Trieste. Since 2013, Andrej has seamlessly woven elements of doom, art rock, dream rock, shoegaze, and alternative across four albums and an EP. From the avant-garde tones of his debut 'A Day in Venice' (2014) to the transformative 'III' (2019) and the atmospheric 'IV' (2023) featuring shamanic percussions and healing instruments, each creation marks a new exploration and sonic journey. Notably, Andrej has collaborated with a diverse array of international musicians and vocalists, enriching his project with a global musical tapestry. Currently crafting a release for 2024, Andrej's latest work seamlessly blends alternative rock and dream rock, promising an immersive and deeply personal musical odyssey.

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Music Tells A Story

A Day in Venice is Andrej Kralj, painter, poet, songwriter and music producer. As a songwriter he began by founding the alternative rock band Charge in 1998 and continued his journey as a music producer with the duo Vulture and the Guru in 2010 with the release of the album "Tekočina" co-written and produced with his friend and music producer Peter Gergolet. In 2014 he continued his music journey on his own with the pseudonym A Day in Venice and released his first soloist album. Since then he has written, performed and released 4 albums and continues to work to keep his musical story being told and moving forward.

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